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Analysis on Riemannian singular and noncompact spaces and Lie algebroids

Prof. Victor Nistor (IECL, Metz)

Donnerstag, 2016-12-08 17:00Uhr

After reviewing the definition of a Lie algebroid and a related Serre-Swan theorem, I will explain how Lie algebroids can be used to model simple singularities starting with conical and edge singularities. Then I will explain how the structural algebroid, which plays the role of the tangent space, leads to a natural class of Riemannian metrics, called "compatible metrics." One of the main results gives a connection between the structure of the Lie algebroid and the analysis of the geometric operators associated to a compatible metric (Laplace, Dirac, ... ). This results expresses Fredholm criteria in terms of operators invariant with respect to suitable groups, which allows to use tools from harmonic analysis. These results are part of joint works with B. Ammann, R. Lauter, B. Monthubert, and others